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One-on-One Tutoring

Get professional one-on-one attention with an expert in the field you're child is studying.  Our tutors are effective at adjusting and connecting with students to maximize your child's potential and achieve his/her best.  This is the more expensive of the choices but the most effective.  Call us for details!

Small Group

Small groups of 3-4 students meet at a host's (student's ) home in order to prepare for the upcoming exam or final.  The small group allows for some one-on-one attention while fostering a healthy competitive spirit.  Student challenge themselves to become better and better and eventually reach their goal through collaborative work.  


Classes of 10-15 are the least costly but require a diligent work ethic from your child.  They are expected to do their homework and follow through with questions and answers in order to improve.  This is a great option for self-motivated students that have a true inner desire to succeed and push forward.  

GPA Management

It's not just about ACTs and SATs but also about GPA, Math, English, and Science grades during your high school years. We offer long term one-on-one help as well as small group help to students who look to maintain their class averages or wish to boost them.  Schedules are set weekly and have limited flexibility depending on the availability of the student/tutor.  See dramatic score increases as your child begins to learn through the most up to date methods. 

Online Tutoring 

With customers in Europe, Asia as well as all over the United States, We have shown proficiency in prepping student far and wide.  With nearly two decades of combined experience, we have found effective ways to help online students maximize their learning potential!

Mock Testing

We offer mock testing at your home or at a centralized sight. Testing helps students think of high-stakes standardized exams as routine and thus helps them get over any angst they may feel the day of the exam.  In addition, we can provide you with a free official exam for you to administer at no cost. Exams administered include but are not limited to the following:  SAT, ACT, SAT Subject tests, SSAT, etc.


We offer workshops to local schools and academies looking to boost their overall scores.  An emphasis is put on knowing the exam, preparing the proper way, and decimating the information in the most effective way possible.  There are different levels of workshops with varying emphases on anything from high scoring students, raising a district's overall average, or adjusting to special needs students! Call us for more info: (201) 681 - 4232 or email:

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