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Alexander Robayo
Moe Elsamra
Subject Mentors
Founder & President

Alex Robayo began his teaching career in an unorthodox way - as an engineer working at a prestigious laboratory in the Bell Labs tradition. From here he branched off into teaching physics where he was snatch up by a local high school. There he and the students flourished, and he found his calling: breaking down complex topics into simple-easy to understand subtopics.  And thus a new career path was born.  


Today he boosts one of the highest rated tutors in the area and has quite a large following from local parents to celebrity parents residing the the greater NYC area. 

Master Teacher

Mohamed Elsamra has a background includes NJIT, Rutgers, and NJCU.  Mohamed has helped students build the skills they need to beat any test. He specializes in AP Biology, Calculus, SAT, ACT, chemistry, and much more.  

As a founding member of the NTPA, we have access to a multitude of highly qualified and vetted mentors, tutors, and coaches.  We are here for high quality mentors! 
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