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Emily K.

Eight months of tutoring with various other tutors didn't increase my daughter's score one bit, but 3 weeks with Alex and her score went up 150 points.  He knows how to get through and connect.  Highly recommended!

Donna T.

Alex is a superior teacher. Alex really connects with the students and explains complex concepts by breaking it down to digestible pieces of information. He is a compassionate teacher and true scholar. He will never let a student down, he is so accommodating!

Beth I.

Alex is FABULOUS.  He can tutor the most basic courses in mathematics and science to the most advanced level course work with students ranging from high school through college.   He worked with both my sons - one is at Harvard and the other at Michigan State!

Freddie S.

Thanks for all your help in the SATs. My scores went up by 300 points!  You're the best! 

Jenny L.

After my summer at one of those tough 8-hr a day, 4 days a week test prep factories - I went to Dan B. to get some one on one to get my reading and english up! 200 points in 2 months!

Sarah L.

He worked with both my boys and now my youngest daughter.  He is professional, intelligent, and can adjust to any student's level at a whim.  Definitely recommend him, simply the best!

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